“What do you have to offer, Mark?”

To borrow a phrase from best-selling author Dr. Robert F. Mager, Instructional Design is all about “how to figure out why people aren’t doing what they should be, and what to do about it.”

In my opinion, a good Instructional Designer loves to learn, has the skills to design effective educational solutions while staying within budget, and is excited to share knowledge with others. That’s what I can offer. Together we’ll create a solution that accomplishes your objectives.

I have curriculum design and classroom teaching experience in language and communication skills. My instructional design skills are entirely transferable whether they are being used to create media-rich computer-based learning for students, face to face training for employees, or any combination of both.

If any of this sounds like a possible fit for what you need, take a look at my e-learning project samples. Then, contact me!

Warm Regards,

Mark Mayo